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The barbell squat is the one of the best exercises on the planet

Top-of-the-line workouts for you, whether or not you’re making an attempt to construct muscle or drop some pounds (or each) HAS to be the squat.

Nevertheless, it’s additionally an train I see almost EVERYBODY do incorrectly.

We do video type checks with each On-line Teaching Shopper to verify they’re squatting appropriately, and we use a LOT of the identical cues and instruction we cowl on this information! 

So don’t have any worry…

After studying this massive ass squat information (pun meant, I suppose?) – a part of our Energy 101 sequence – you can begin performing this compound train safely and successfully.

Click on any hyperlink beneath or scroll all the way down to learn the entire information:

What Are the Advantages of Squats?

As this sign shows, the squat is a super effective exercise.

Squats are probably the most foundational practical actions in our lives. Let’s discuss the advantages and why you need to be squatting on a regular basis.

#1) We’re designed to squat: We’ve been squatting since we have been infants, however as we become older and sit in unnatural positions all day, our squat type goes from good to horrible.


In lots of international locations, folks usually sit in a full squat for hours at a time. 

In many parts of the world, a squat is a normal position to sit in for hours.

From an evolutionary standpoint – it is smart that we’re genetically designed to, and might be actually good at – squatting.

Earlier than modern-day furnishings and expertise, you didn’t cease sitting in a full squat as soon as you bought older like we do at present…you continued squatting your whole life.

That’s why squatting is without doubt one of the key strikes for practical health.

#2) Squats are a compound motion that recruits most of our muscle mass – this implies it’s a motion that makes use of a number of muscle teams and joints (your hip and knee joints) to finish.

The squat movement as shown here.

A easy body weight squat – which I’m demonstrating above – makes use of virtually each muscle within the core and decrease physique.

For those who add a dumbbell or barbell into the equation, I might even argue that they use each single main muscle group to finish.

The goblet squat is a great way to build muscle for women.

Along with each muscle in your “legs,” you want your:

  • Hips
  • Again
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Arms.

Nothing is disregarded with this monster motion.

Due to the utilization of a considerable amount of muscle teams, squats trigger your physique to extend our anabolic hormone manufacturing, serving to us lose fats and construct muscle.[1]

#3) Squats will assist strengthen your bones and your muscle mass (and your knees!), and may also improve flexibility.

Rising the energy in your knees and hips (and full physique) reduces your likelihood of damage whereas doing each athletic actions and on a regular basis life issues (akin to shoveling the driveway or standing up and sitting down).

And by studying to squat deeply, safely, you’re enhancing your vary of movement and serving to make you antifragile and defending your self in opposition to future damage.


Sheldon knows how amazing squats are for you, as demonstrated by this clever smile.

In case your targets are to:

  • Construct muscle and get stronger, squats will get you there quicker.
  • Drop a few pounds and get ‘toned,’ squats will get you there quicker.
  • Look higher bare, squats will get you there quicker.
  • Get more healthy and happier, squats will get you there quicker.
  • Really feel like an absolute badass within the health club, squats will get you there quicker.

In brief, squats are superb.

(See what I did there?)

My identify is Staci Ardison, I’m a Senior Coach at Nerd Health, and my life has been completely remodeled by barbell coaching, which is why I’m so excited to share this information with you. 

Again in 2011, I may barely choose up a pink dumbbell, and now I frequently compete in powerlifting competitions.

Right here’s a scene of my do-it-yourself squat rack:

Staci doing a barbell squat

I’m so excited to show you the best way to squat at present, as I’ve taught tons of teaching purchasers the best way to get began too. 

Let’s begin off by having a look on the body weight squat – the primary transfer it’s best to grasp earlier than you add weight.

The best way to Do a Body weight Squat With Correct Kind

This series of photos shows you how to do a proper squat.

The setup for the squat train is extremely easy.

  • Stand along with your ft barely wider than your hips.
  • Your toes ought to be pointed barely outward – about 5 to 20 levels outward (the broader your stance, the extra you’ll need to rotate your ft outward).

Your heels should be slightly wider than hip width apart, with your toes pointed outward


  • Look straight forward and choose a spot on the wall in entrance of you.
  • Take a look at this spot the complete time you squat, not wanting down on the flooring or up on the ceiling.

I am going over the setup and the complete motion on this video:

1) Put your arms straight out in entrance of you, parallel to the bottom. Maintain your chest up and proud, and your backbone in a impartial place.

2) Your weight is in your ft – it ought to be on the heels and the balls of your ft, as in the event that they have been pasted to the bottom. You need to be capable to wiggle your toes the complete motion (although that’s not part of squatting!).

3) Maintain your whole physique tight the complete time, your core flexed such as you’re bracing to be punched within the intestine!

4) Breathe deeply into your abdomen, break at your hip and push your butt again. Maintain sending your hips backwards as your knees start to bend.

It’s vital to begin along with your hips again, and never by bending your knees.

5) As you squat down, deal with maintaining your knees consistent with your ft.

Many new lifters must deal with pushing their knees out in order that they monitor with their ft.

When your knees begin to come contained in the toes, push them out (however not wider than your ft).[2]

Make certain your knees aren’t transferring inward towards one another via the motion – this is quite common. 

Make sure you go deep enough with your squats!

6) Squat down till your hip joint is decrease than your knees (what we name “parallel” within the squat sport). Be aware: in case you THINK you may not be squatting deep sufficient, you most likely aren’t!

Keep going when doing your squat.

Your squat should go about this low.

As soon as on the backside, it’s time to face again up out of your squat:

7) Preserving all the things tight, breathe out and drive via your heels (hold the balls of your ft on the bottom as effectively).

8) Drive your knees outward (away from one another) the identical method you probably did on the way in which down, and squeeze your butt on the prime to be sure you’re utilizing your glutes.

Here’s a video from us nerds at Workforce Nerd Health (with directions from Jim, lead coach at our 1-on-1 On-line Teaching Program) that may train you good type on a body weight squat, together with all of the errors NOT to make:

As soon as you are able to do a number of units of 15+ deep body weight squats with correct type, it’s time to maneuver onto barbell squats!

In case you are assured in doing body weight squats and need to work as much as a barbell squat, comply with our Fitness center Exercise Degree Four Program, which incorporates dumbbell goblet squats, a great stepping stone to barbell squats:

The vast majority of the inhabitants has some kind of mobility difficulty (together with myself!) that they’re engaged on fixing.

We have now LOTS of 1-on-1 teaching purchasers who’re new to squatting, and it usually comes all the way down to ankle flexibility and hip mobility.

For those who spend all day, day by day, sitting in a desk chair, this may be you.

If you’d like us that will help you repair your squat depth and begin getting stronger, that’s what we’re right here for! 

The best way to Set Up Correctly For The Barbell Again Squat

female powerlifter squat barbell for competition powerlifting

#1) Discover your squat rack! It’ll look one thing like this, with an unattached barbell:

A. Squat Stand:If you find a squat stand like this in your gym you are good to squat!

B. Energy Cage/Squat Rack:

C. Half Rack (Least favourite*):

*I don’t like Half-racks with out adjustable security bars – if you wish to squat deep the barbell would possibly hit the immovable bars! Not cool. Goal for the A or B choices in case you have the selection!

Be aware: a squat rack is NOT the identical factor as a Smith Machine, the place the barbell is connected to the machine, and slides up and down two bars:

Don't use the Smith Machine, unless it's for inverted rows at the gym.

You do NOT desire a Smith Machine.

You want a totally unattached barbell in an effort to do a barbell squat correctly and safely. Don’t squat in a Smith Machine.

#2) Set the peak of the bar to be about the identical peak as your collarbone.

Unsure the best way to set the peak of the bar? I acquired you:

In case your choices are both too excessive or too low, it’s all the time greatest to set the pins barely decrease than you want them. 

You don’t need to must stand up in your toes to rack/unrack the bar, particularly as the burden will get heavier.


#3) Determine if you’ll do a excessive bar squat, or a low bar squat. Both is okay, however there IS a distinction:

These two photos show the high vs low bar grip for squat

The “Low Bar Again Squat” is the commonest type executed by newbies, normal lifters, and powerlifters.

It’s additionally the shape taught in Beginning Energy, probably the greatest books for newbies in the marketplace.

So we’ll be specializing in that model for the remainder of this part:

#4) At all times squat with simply the bar to beginas we focus on in “How a lot weight ought to I be lifting,” even in case you’re planning on squatting 500 lbs, all the time begin with simply the bar!

The best way to Do a Correct Barbell Again Squat, Step By Step

Here's how to properly do a barbell squat

1) Going through the bar, step underneath it, and put your arms round it on both aspect of you. 

For any such squat in our instance, we’re going to desire a thumbless grip, in order that our wrists are correctly aligned with our forearms.

This photo shows the squat grip we will start with.

The width of your grip shall be depending on flexibility, however usually, a narrower (arms nearer to your shoulers) grip will assist create a meaty shelf so that you can place the bar on the muscle mass in your higher again.

For those who lack the flexibleness for the narrower grip (which is tremendous frequent), begin out wider, then slowly carry it in as you get extra versatile.

See the distinction right here between a “excessive bar, wrapped grip” (Left) and “low bar, thumbless grip” (proper):

Here are the two common grips for your barbell squat.

And now time to DO A BARBELL BACK SQUAT!

Undoubtedly watch the video above and take heed to the directions, after which learn this description when you must restart:

  1. With the burden in your shoulders, step again from the helps.
  2. Your ft ought to be barely wider than hip-width aside.
  3.  Your toes ought to be barely pointing outward.
  4. Flex your abdomen, squeeze your glutes, inhale deeply into your abdomen.
  5. Transfer your butt again, squat down slowly.
  6. Proceed to drop till the tops of your legs are parallel or decrease (the crease of your hip is beneath your waist).
  7. Explode again as much as the beginning place.
  8. After your set is full, stroll fastidiously ahead to return the burden to the rack, and decrease it down safely onto the helps.
  9. Excessive 5 your self, you simply did a barbell squat!

Unsure in case you squatted deep sufficient?

Document your self! 95% of the folks I see doing squats in a health club don’t go deep sufficient!

Nervous about squatting appropriately? Sure, I’m a thoughts reader, and sure we may also help you!

If you’d like an knowledgeable to examine your squat type try our 1-on-1 Teaching program. Our teaching app allows you to file and ship a video of your motion on to your coach, who will present particular suggestions and construct a customized program only for you.

? Click on beneath to leap on a free name with our workforce to see how our on-line teaching program will get you the outcomes you’re after:

How To Bail Out of a Squat Safely

If you’ll squat, you must know the best way to “fail” at squatting safely! In spite of everything, there’s nothing scarier than being caught within the backside of a squat motion and never understanding the best way to get out of there!

A squat could be very completely different from a barbell deadlift in that side: in case you fail on a deadlift, you simply don’t choose up the burden.

For those who fail on a squat, you’re trapped underneath a bar…with doubtlessly a whole lot of weight on it. 

This could result in SERIOUS damage. So please, discover ways to bail out of a squat safely earlier than you begin making an attempt to do heavy barbell squats. 

This may assist provide the confidence to push your self and get stronger!

7 Widespread Errors When Doing Squats

As these two photos shows, keep your feet planted while you are doing your squat.

The squat is a primary motion, however these new to lifting usually fall sufferer to a handful of frequent errors.

Let’s check out a number of the massive issues and the best way to repair it!

#1) Developing in your toes along with your knees ahead throughout your squat

It’s vital to maintain your heels on the bottom the complete time you’re squatting.

You need to be driving down via your heels, and in an effort to try this, they should be on the bottom!

Whereas a few of your weight shall be on the balls of your ft, you by no means need your whole weight to be on the balls of your ft or your toes.

You need to be capable to elevate your toes up off the bottom and wiggle them at any level and it shouldn’t change something about your squat.

#2) Not going deep sufficient in your squats

Make sure you go deep enough with your squats!

Your squat ought to hit a minimum of parallel (center picture above) – the place your hip joint goes beneath the knee.

Relying on what you’re coaching for, you possibly can go decrease, however in an effort to maximize the muscle mass labored within the squat, it must be executed to a minimum of parallel or decrease (you possibly can see decrease within the higher proper picture).

For those who squat above parallel (a partial squat) you’re leaving the hamstrings out of the motion. This places extra strain on the knee – the pressure put in your knee is definitely diminished as you drop beneath parallel.

Sadly, there’s a lot of confusion about squats and knee points.

The deeper the squat, the extra glutes which are activated as effectively.[3] This may end in extra muscle being created from the squat, as proven by this infographic:

This infographic shows that a full squat will achieve three times the muscle growth as a half squat.


Now, a deeper squat is usually more durable, each energy and suppleness sensible.

Nevertheless, relying in your targets, squatting to parallel might make extra sense.

For those who’re struggling hitting depth there may very well be many causes – you can have poor ankle mobility, tight hip flexors and/or hamstrings, weak glutes, or poor pelvic alignment (amongst many different issues).

That is one thing we work intently with our teaching purchasers on, and infrequently prescribe ankle and hip mobility drills to assist purchasers attain correct depth on squats!

#3) Knee Positioning 

Don't let your knees cave in like this during your squat.

Once you squat, you need your knees to trace alongside along with your toes.

This implies if you’re wanting down at your knees and ft, your knees ought to be aligned on the identical angle as your ft all through the motion.

This infographic exhibits you the proper knee place for a squat:

This infographic shows proper squat form, with knees aligned with the feet during the movement.

Everybody’s actual positioning goes to be barely completely different, however they shouldn’t be on the skin or the within of the foot.

#4) Again Positioning 

Don't let your back cave in like so when doing squats.

Your chest ought to be up and your shoulders ought to be again, such as you’re King Kong about to pound your chest proudly.

Your physique ought to keep on this place the complete time.

You don’t need your shoulders to spherical ahead, however you additionally don’t need to hyperextend your again both.

Preserving your backbone in a impartial place will assist your backbone secure and construct a robust basis all through the heavy squat motion.

#5) Head Positioning 

Don't let your head come up like so during your squat movement.

Many coaches will inform their lifters to search for, as that’s the path through which you need to be transferring, however that is truly the very last thing you need to do.

Take a second fast and take a look at the ceiling (I’ll wait! 🙂 ).

Now, see that place your neck vertebrae are in? That may be a very unsafe place to your backbone to be in, particularly when extra weight begins getting included within the equation.

You additionally don’t need to be wanting immediately on the flooring.

Look straight out in entrance of you the complete time, along with your head in a “impartial” place. Your chin ought to be able the place you can maintain a tennis ball between your chest and your chin.

#6) Trying to maintain your shins vertical.

Except there’s a present underlying knee difficulty that will trigger extra ache – the shin can and will go previous vertical within the squat. This may usually enable a deeper squat which is able to construct extra energy and stability within the knee.

Rebel Leader Steve doing the bodyweight squat

A ahead lean within the shins can also be current after we have interaction in any variety of day by day actions akin to strolling up steps or standing up from a chair. Squat as deep as you’re able, however don’t deal with holding a vertical shin.”

#7) An excessive amount of weight on the heels/on the skin or inside ft throughout your squat

When making an attempt to repair arising in your toes, or your knee positioning, it’s common for folks to focus a lot on maintaining their weight on their heels that they overlook to maintain the balls of their ft on the bottom!

A few of your weight will nonetheless be on the ball of your foot – if you’re really solely having weight in your heels, it’s fairly laborious to stability.

To the identical impact, if the within of your foot or the skin of your foot comes up off the ground, that is additionally not a great factor! 

How have you learnt in case you’re making these errors? Easy!

Document your self doing squats.

I do.

And so does anyone else who’s critical about enhancing their squats. 

Usually we glance VERY completely different than we expect we glance when doing an train, so having a video of the motion is commonly the one method we will enhance.

For those who can’t self-diagnose your squat challenges, allow us to assist!

Squat Variations for Rookies (Field Squat):

Squatting on a box like so is a great way to start squatting.

On this part, we’re going to go over some squat variations that will help you enhance your type and construct confidence earlier than hitting the free weights part of the health club.

For those who’re struggling to do a squat appropriately, don’t fret!

I’m going to show you about…



Squatting to a field will assist train you to sit down again and hold your weight in your whole foot, as a substitute of squatting along with your knees ahead and up in your toes.

Squatting again to a field can also be nice for individuals who have dangerous knees and may’t do body weight squats anymore.

You are able to do field squats with a barbell as effectively, however for this clarification, we’re simply going to maintain it easy with body weight field squats.

In an effort to do that, discover a field or a chair that’s the proper peak so once you sit on it, you’re at parallel along with your squat.

Your choices embody issues like step stools, milk crates, or the smallest field on the health club (there’s often a set of plyo packing containers, and the shortest is round 10″.)

Using a box to squat like so is a great way to start bodyweight squatting.

The decrease the field, the extra it is going to assist you develop stronger hips and low again – the field at precisely parallel will assist you extra with quad energy.

Arrange precisely as in case you have been going to do an everyday body weight squat, solely standing a few foot in entrance of the field.

1) Breathe in deeply, brace your core, transfer butt again, and hold your knees in line monitoring in the identical path as your toes and squat again till you sit fully on the field.

Don’t plop again on the field, make it sluggish and deliberate whereas maintaining your whole physique tight.

2) Now, don’t transfer! Take into consideration your positioning:

  • Are your again and core nonetheless tremendous tight?
  • Is your weight in your heels and your mid foot?
  • Is your head in a impartial place?

Nice, now arise by driving your hips upward, don’t let your weight shift ahead and onto your toes (drive via your heels!), shoulders and chest up, knees out maintaining them lined up along with your toes.

On your first few, be at liberty to sit down on the field when you consider your positioning, however as you get higher at them, sit again after which rapidly arise once more.

You already know you’re doing a great squat when you possibly can stand again up from the underside of a squat place with out having to lean ahead and use momentum to stand up.

You’ll be able to squat, contact your butt to the field, after which stand again up with out having to shift your weight round!


The best way to Carry out a Entrance Squat

Staci doing a front squat

For those who’re up for a similar-but-different squat, strive…

The barbell entrance squat!

Coach Staci performing the barbell front squat

A entrance squat strikes the burden from behind you to in entrance of you, which requires completely different muscle mass and mobility elsewhere.

I personally alternate entrance squats and again squats on my leg days.

Be sure you learn our full information on the best way to do a correct entrance squat

I do know all of this may be overwhelming, so the vital factor is that you simply START! I notice I sound like a damaged file at this level, however I really need you to start energy coaching at present.

We created our free information, Energy Coaching 101: Every part You Must Know, only for that objective. I’d like to ship it to you, as a result of I do know it’ll assist you overcome any fears and confusion and have you ever getting stronger TODAY

Get it once you join on this field beneath – I’m excited to listen to what you consider it!

The best way to Carry out a One-Legged Squat (The Pistol Squat)

Within the video above, Coach Jim exhibits you the best way to carry out the one-legged squat, also called the pistol squat.

To carry out a one-legged squat:

  • Squat down on one leg as little as you possibly can go.
  • Maintain the heel flat on the bottom and elevate the opposite leg out in entrance of you.

It’ll look one thing like this:

The one legged "pistol" squat is a great advanced bodyweight movement.

If that is an excessive amount of, work on performing an assisted one-legged squat.

Carry out an assisted one-legged squat by holding onto a doorframe, squat rack, rings or one other steady object, then squat down on one leg as little as you possibly can go.

A small stool can help when you first start doing one legged squats!

The best way to Begin Squatting Like A Professional

Female golf player with putter squatting to study the green at golf course.

Squats are superior.

How superior? Take a look at that girl above proudly owning her squat earlier than proudly owning her putt!

When you’ve mastered the Again Squat, give Entrance Squats a strive!

And if you wish to study extra about squats, otherwise you’re trying to construct extra confidence earlier than you get began, we have now a couple of choices for you:

1) In case you are any person that wishes to comply with a tailored program designed round their life and targets, try our common 1-on-1 On-line Teaching Program.

You’ll work with our licensed NF instructors who will get to know you higher than you recognize your self, examine your type, and program your exercises and diet for you.

Nerd Fitness Coaching Banner


2) If you’d like a snazzy app to show you precisely the best way to begin crushing squats, try NF Journey. Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra often, eat more healthy, and degree up your life (actually).

Strive your free trial proper right here:

3) Obtain our free Energy 101 Information, which you will get once you join within the field beneath:

And I’d love to listen to from you! PLEASE go away your questions, squat or health or in any other case beneath so we will reply them and turn out to be greatest mates:

What struggles do you have got when making an attempt to squat?

What questions do you have got?

For those who haven’t squatted earlier than, what else do you want us to let you know to provide the confidence to begin squatting TODAY!?


PS: Make sure you try the remainder of the Energy Coaching 101 sequence:

PPS: I typed this complete article whereas sitting in a squat. Okay, no I didn’t, however that will have been cool.


picture supply: Barbell Squat, spotpoint74 ©,  energy rack, squat stand, squat rack, Otmar Winterleitner ©

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